I started my carrier in portrait photography as a studio photographer. I love how lights add to a person's character and to be honest, it is a great feeling to be in control of the lights. When I moved to Barcelona and I didn't have a studio, I had to learn how to use the available light, even if I don't have too much control over it....nowdays I almost only make outdoor portraits and I enjoy it just as much. Anyhow, I'm happy to make a beautiful portrait for you anywhere and anytime, be it in studio, outdoors, at your office or at home. 

Barcelona photographer

Although I'm travelling a lot, I'm always looking forward to be back in Barcelona! The turquoise-blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the warm yellow that reflects from the building and that magical color that comes with sunset...it is hard to find a better place for a beautiful portrait! If you feel the same and you would like to have your portraits taken in Barcelona, please contact me and book a portrait photography session with me, preferably at least one month in advance. 

Portrait of a woman in sunny Barcelona

Portrait of a woman in sunny Barcelona

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