Portrait of a woman in sunny Barcelona

Portrait of a woman in sunny Barcelona

Business photos for your CV or LinkedIn; casual photos for yourself or as profile pictures on social media; some artistic project where you could show off your hidden self? There is no such thing as a “bad photo face”…you’re going to love yourself in these pictures for once! Give it a chance: come and try my skills as portrait photographer! 

Why do I love portrait photography? Well…I think I should thank LinkedIn for starting my professional portrait photography career :-) That’s right, I started to shoot studio portraits when my friends and former colleagues realized that they needed a profile photo on social media sites and in CVs if they were serious about their job search. And all of them began our sessions by saying, “hey, I have a bad photo face, just shoot one that is usable, don’t bother with it, okay?” But I did bother and I’m proud to say that most of the time they finished the session with saying “wow, I didn’t know I looked this good!” And exactly this is the feeling I would like to give to all my clients! That little spark in their eyes that appears when they see their photos is the reason I love portrait photography so much.

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