Smart City Expo, Barcelona

I love shooting at expos and fairs! They have a unique atmosphere, especially on the first day, when exhibitors are all eager to show off their products or services and thousands of visitors try to absorb as much as they can. There are press conferences, presentations, plenary sessions and panel meetings, one-to-ones, networking sessions, receptions - and I really love how all these different kinds of events require different skills from me. 

Smart City Expo is one of the most exciting fairs in Barcelona, and I had the luck and honor to shoot for Deutsche Telekom at the event. Shooting for an exhibitor is even more fun than shooting for the general organizers, because booth life is really buzzing and I love to be part of a team. 

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More than ever, what happens in cities is shaping our world. The future of the world's urban population will mostly be built in our lifetimes. The challenges we face are immense and only by working together will we be able to tackle them.

Over the next few decades, the continuing urbanization and overall growth of the world´s population is projected to add 2.5 billion people to the cities. All regions in the world are expected to urbanize further, especially in Asia and Africa, where the fastest growing cities are located.

The world is becoming even more interdependent and cities must act together across borders to deal with similar challenges: population growth, climate change, traffic congestion and pollution, lack of adequate and affordable housing, education and health, the integration of refugees and migrants into urban life, among many other pressing issues. More

Deutsche Telekom
Smart City Expo, Fira Barcelona